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An admin can specify the default formats for Google Drive files




      This test requires a Google client ID and secret for configuring the OAuth 2 Google service and a Google Drive account containing a number of files of different types.

      1. Log in as an admin and set up and configure the OAuth 2 Google service, as described in the documentation OAuth2 Services and OAuth 2 Google service
        You need to make sure that you can create and attach the new credential to your organisation (see with the organisation's administrator)
      2. Enable the Google Drive repository.
      3. Log out and log in as an ordinary user and go to your Private files area.
      4. Try adding a file from Google Drive and verify you can see all your files.
      5. Add a Google doc file.
      6. Verify that it is saved as rtf (the default).
      7. Try downloading the file and verify that it is downloaded correctly as a rtf file.
      8. Log in as admin again, go to the Google Drive repository settings and change the default document import format to docx and save.
      9. Log in as the user again, go back to your Private files area and add another Google doc file.
      10. Verify this time that it is saved as docx.
      11. Try downloading the file and verify that it is downloaded correctly as a docx file.
      12. Repeat  steps 5-11 with any or all of: drawing, presentation and spreadsheet. Verify that they are saved as the defaults (pdf, pptx and xlsx respectively) then change those defaults to other available formats of your choice and verify they are saved as expected.


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