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CLONE - Online notifications are handled


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      Two browsers (ie Firefox and Chrome) or two computers are required.

      1. Log in on one machine as a user (user 1). Check that user 1's messaging settings are set so that "Personal messages between users" go to email while not online and to a popup while online.
      2. Log in on the other machine or browser as another user (user 2).
      3. Send a message from user 2 to user 1.
      4. A new message notification should displayed in the header next to user menu, when user 1 loads a page outside of the site administration area or the messaging system. For example a notification should be displayed while viewing a course or activity.
      5. Refresh the page and verify that the notification is still displayed.
      6. Click on "Toggle message menu" icon and then click on message, you should be redirected to message page and show message.
      7. Alter user 1's messaging settings so that they are notified of personal messages by email even when online.
      8. As user 2 send another message to user 1.
      9. Verify that user 1 receives an email notification.

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