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CLONE - A student can message another user.





      • A moodle site with a course created and students enrolled in the course.


      1. Log in as a student and click on the "Activity examples" course.
      2. Click on the Participants link in the navigation menu and then click on a students name.
      3. You should be in their course profile.
      4. Click on the button titled "Message".
      5. You should be directed to Messages page and ensure following exists:
        • Your details are at the top of the page (Picture if set, and name).
        • The navigation breadcrumb underneath the header reads Dashboard ► Messages
        • Student should be selected.
        • You can see the message that you sent earlier to student
      6. Write a message to the student and click Send.
      7. Repeat above step to send few messages to student.
      8. Enter some text in Search messages which matches previous messages and ensure:
        • All the messages matching that text are visible.
      9. Click on Contacts and enter some student name and ensure it appears in list.
      10. Select the user and click on View messages, you should see old messages of the user and is able to send the message to user.
      11. Try minimizing the web browser and make the page as thin as possible.
      12. Check that the elements on the page wrap underneath each other and that they do not overlap.




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