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CLONE - LTI tools can be added to LTI manage tools page





      1. Download and install ngrok and run it with ngrok http 80 or have a public accessible site.


      1. As admin: (Test in all browsers, except the last two steps)
        1. Go to "Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI > Manage tools"
        2. Add a tool using only the launch url (old interface) by clicking on 'configure a tool manually.'
        3. Add a tool using an xml cartridge (e.g. from eduappcenter.com - you need to visit this site to get the URL you need, eg. https://www.edu-apps.org/lti_public_resources/config.xml?id=youtube)
        4. Add a tool using the configuration url (LTI2)
          1. https://online.dr-chuck.com/sakai-api-test/tp.php or http://lti.tools/test/tp.php
        5. Remove a tool using the x button on the card
        6. Enter a url that does not exist, make sure you recieve a message that it is having trouble loading after 20 seconds
        7. Enter a url to an xml file that is not a cartridge, make sure you get an error ( http://www.w3schools.com/xml/note.xml )
        8. Edit a tool that was made via a cartridge url using the cog button on the card
        9. Edit a tool that was made via the configuration url using the cog button on the card
      2. As a teacher (Test the first 3 steps in all browsers).
        1. Add an external tool to a course
        2. Set the Tool URL to a cartridge (e.g. from eduappcenter.com)
        3. Ensure you get the green tick and it says a cartridge will be used
        4. Click 'save and return to course'
        5. Edit the external tool settings and check that the external tool is now set up using the settings from the cartridge. Check that the url and icon and description are set to the ones in the cartridge XML you chose (if the cartridge doesn't name, description or icon it will just skip it)
        6. Add a manual configuration
          1. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Manage activities
          2. Delete http://lti.tools/test/tp.php if you've added it already.
          3. Use "configure a tool manually"
          4. Add http://lti.tools/test/tp.php
          5. Set the consumer key to 12345
          6. Set the secret to "secret"
          7. Click save
        7. Add another external tool to a course
        8. Set the Tool URL to the url to http://lti.tools/test/tp.php (don't select preconfigured tool from the drop down)
        9. Ensure you get a green tick
        10. Save changes
        11. Ensure the tool works
        12. Go back to Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Manage activities
        13. Edit the tool you created
        14. Change the secret to something else e.g. "asdf"
        15. Go back to the external tool you created in the course
        16. Ensure that the tool gives an error
        17. Add another external tool to a course
        18. Set a url to any site you didn't add as an admin. Ensure you get a yellow warning saying that no configuration was found.
        19. Save changes
        20. Add another external tool to a course
        21. On the settings page, click the plus to add a tool type.
        22. In the popup, put a cartridge url into the "tool url" text box
        23. Press save changes on that popup
        24. Press save and display
        25. Make sure the tool works, and correct tool is displayed




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