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CLONE - An admin can install and enable an alternative document converter to unoconv


      1. unoconv installed and working
      2. ghostscript installed and working
      3. A range of documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .html) including some with several files, images, etc.
      Admin UI tests
      1. Install the fileconverter_example test plugin
      2. Install the fileconverter_drive test plugin
      3. Navigate to https://console.developers.google.com/apis
        1. create a new project
        2. enable the Drive API
        3. configure the consent screen
        4. obtain an oauth key using the "Other" option
        5. Download the key and place it in files/converter/drive/client_secret.json
        6. In CLI run php files/converter/drive/login.php and follow directions
      4. Navigate to the Document converters section of the Site administration -> Plugins
      5. Use the up/down enable/disable links
        • Confirm that the admin UI behaves as expected
      Edit PDF tests
      1. Set up an editpdf assignment
      2. Upload PDFs for a couple of users
      3. View the grading interface and confirm that:
        • PDFs are generated correctly
        • All pages can be navigated through
        • Annotations can be stored, saved, and fetched
      4. View a user who has not uploaded anything yet
        • Confirm that an empty image is shown
      5. Upload a PDF for that user but do not view it in the UI
      6. Run the CLI task for submission conversion:

        php admin/tool/task/cli/schedule_task.php --execute="\assignfeedback_editpdf\task\convert_submissions"

        • Confirm that no errors were shown
      7. View it in the grading interface
        • Confirm that it was shown pretty quickly
      8. Upload a large document
      9. Open grading interface and open the Network tab in your developer tools
      10. Navigate to the user's PDF and wait for the images to be generated
      11. Examine each network call that was made and check how the polling proceeded
        • Confirm that there were no errors
      12. Create a new assignment and enable text input instead of file upload
      13. Enter some text for various users
        • Confirm that the PDFs can be generated correctly for the uploaded text 
      14. For both assignments, enter grades and release the assignments
      15. As each user, view the PDF complete with annotations.

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