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CLONE - External links may be added to pages in the main menu of the Mobile app


      This test requires Mobile services to be enabled.

      1. Log in as an admin and go to 'Mobile features' in the Site administration.
      2. Add some custom menu items e.g.

        My grades | https://someurl.xyz/local/mygrades/index.php | embedded
        App's help | https://someurl.xyz/help | inappbrowser | en
        Visit our SIS | https://someurl.xyz | browser | en

      3. Create a web services token for one standard user:
        • Click on Site administration > Plugins > Web services > Manage tokens
      4. Next, you can do a CURL REST call simulating a WS client with the user.
        • You need to replace the wstoken, and the URL of your Moodle instance

          curl 'http://localhost/m/stable_master/webservice/rest/server.php?moodlewsrestformat=json' --data 'wsfunction=tool_mobile_get_config&wstoken=12a2a65aeea2a177055e233f9e303218&section=mobileapp' | python -m "json.tool"

      5. Check that you correctly receive the new custom menu items.
      6. Go to the mobile settings again, and remove all the custom menu items.
      7. Execute again the curl request and check that now you get an empty value for the custom menu items.

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