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A teacher can annotate a OneDrive doc submitted as a controlled link


      This test requires three OneDrive accounts, one for the site, one for the student and one for the teacher.

      1. Log in as an admin and set up and configure the OAuth 2 Microsoft service with a client ID and secret, as described in the documentation OAuth2 Services and OAuth 2 Microsoft service.
      2. On the OAuth2 services page, connect the account to a system account.
      3. Enable the OAuth2 authentication plugin.
      4. Enable the OneDrive repository, making sure it is connected to the Microsoft service.
      5. Set the supported files to Internal and External.
      6. Log in as a teacher with editothersubmission capability allowed (not default) and create an assignment requiring a file upload.
      7. Log in as a student, select a document from your OneDrive account and select 'Create an access controlled link to the file'.
      8. Log out of all Onedrive accounts.
      9. Log in as the teacher again and access the assignment. Click on the link. 
      10. If you are not already logged into your personal OneDrive account, you will be prompted to do so. Verify you can edit the student's document. Ensure you log into a different account than the one used to upload the student's submission. Verify you can edit the student's submission.
      11. Add a few comments to the student's document.
      12. Log in as the student, access your assignment and verify you see the teacher's comments in the returned OneDrive doc.
      13. As the student, go to your personal OneDrive and verify the original document has not been altered.
      Scheduled task
      1. Login as an admin.
      2. Go to "Site administration / Server / Scheduled tasks"
      3. Look for the "Remove temporary write access from controlled links. (\repository_onedrive\remove_temp_access_task)" scheduled task.
      4. Click "Run now"
      5. Confirm to run the scheduled task.
      6. Check the output.
        • Confirm that the scheduled task finishes successfully and that there are no error messages shown.

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