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(Exploratory) Calendar items may be moved by drag and drop into different months



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      This is an exploratory test for Moodle 3.4. Please test on both Boost and Clean themes. Test in as many browsers as possible and mention in a comment which ones you've used.

      1. Log in as any user and create a single event in your calendar, with a time of 8 am.
      2. Drag the event to the next month link in the calendar navigation
      3. You should see a box with a dotted line border to drag the event into.
      4. Hold the dragged event over the link for 1 second
      5. Confirm that the calendar view is updated to the new month corresponding to the link you were dragging onto
      6. Drop the event onto a day in the new month
      7. Verifty that the event is now displayed on the day that you moved it to and is no longer shown on the original day but that the time of 8 am is still the same.
      8. Repeat the test with an event spanning three days.
      9. Drag the event from any of the days into a new month, verifying they all move correctly togetther and that the display wraps into the next week if the move goes into another week
      10. Repeat the test with a single event which is repeated over three consecutive weeks, dragging into a new month.
      11. Verify that each of the three events can  be dragged and dropped separately, behaving as for a single event
      12. Click to delete an event and verify that you can still delete all three events together.


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