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CLONE - A manager can share a course on moodle.net for people to join




      This test requires access to a site which is registered.

      1. Log in as a manager, go to a course and click the Share link (either via the gear menu or the Administration block, depending upon your theme).
      2. Click the button 'Share this course for people to join', then on the following page enter 'Just testing - please approve' in the creator notes, add an image, then click the button at the bottom of the page to share the course.
      3. Verify that a successful confirmation message is displayed.
      4. Contact a moodle.net admin by emailing support@moodle.org, mention this issue number and ask for the course to be approved.
      5. After receiving a reply from the moodle.net admin, verify that your course is listed on moodle.net by going to the course, clicking the Share link then clicking 'Check now'.
      6. Go to a different course, turn editing on and add the Community finder block.
      7. Click the search link in the block and search for the course that you shared.
      8. Verify that the information provided in the search results is as previously entered and that the image is displayed.
      9. Follow the link to the course and verify that it leads to the shared course.
      10. In the shared course, click the Share link then click the Remove button so that it is no longer shared on moodle.net.


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