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    • Moodle 2.1
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      If you don't already have one create a course that contains at least three activities, at least two grade categories and at least one calculated grade item. At least one student must have at least one grade for an activity.

      Arrange them so one category is within the other. Course -> category 1 -> category 2

      Place at least one grade item within each category and at least one grade item at the course level.

      1) Do a full course backup. It must contain all activities. You can do by clicking on Backup in the Course administration block while viewing the course.
      2) Click on the Restore link within either Course administration or within Front page settings.
      3) Restore the backup into a new course.
      4) View the grader report for the two courses and check that they contain the same grade items, categories and any activity grades.
      5) View the Categories and items page for the two courses and check the that they contain the same grade items and categories.


        1. backup-moodle2-course-qatest21-20110622-1811.mbz
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          Javier Sola Aréchaga
        2. QA-test2-1-166 - Image1.png
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          Javier Sola Aréchaga
        3. QA-test2-1-166 - Image2.png
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          Javier Sola Aréchaga
        4. QA-test2-1-166 - Image3.png
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          Javier Sola Aréchaga
        5. QA-test2-1-166 - Image4.png
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          Javier Sola Aréchaga

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