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CLONE - A teacher can restore a 1.9 course backup


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      This test requires a backup of a 1.9 course containing at least one example of all the core activity modules - assignment, chat, choice, database, folder, forum, glossary, IMS content package, label, lesson, page, quiz, file, SCORM package, survey, URL, wiki and workshop. It is not necessary for the backup file to include user data.

      1. Login as a teacher, browse to an empty course and follow the restore link in the settings block.
      2. Import a backup file and restore it (without user data).
      3. Check that all activities have been restored correctly.

      Note: This test is about restoring a course backup without user data.

        1. 1.9lesson_settings.JPG
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          Sacha Johnson
        2. 2.1_restored_lesson_settings.jpg
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          Sacha Johnson
        3. Error.png
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          Vinit Prajapati
        4. lesson_last_question.JPG
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          Sacha Johnson
        5. lesson1.9-teacher.png
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          Michael Spall
        6. Lesson19-student.png
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          Michael Spall
        7. Lesson20-student.png
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          Michael Spall
        8. Lesson20-teacher.png
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          Michael Spall
        9. Moodle19backup21restore_2.png
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          Michael Spall

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