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CLONE - (Exploratory) Previous and Next links allow for navigating between activities


      This is an explanatory test for Moodle 3.4.

      Test prerequisites:

      Steath mode must be enabled from Advanced Features, along with Activity completion and Restrict Access. A course is needed with a teacher and two students.

      1. As a teacher in course, add two items, a Page and a Choice, plus a File to one of the course sections.
      2. Log in as Student 1. Click the Page and verify you can navigate forwards and backwards between the three items using the named links right and left.
      3. Log in as the teacher and change the display type of the File.
      4. As the student, verify you can still move from the File.
      5. As the teacher and student, try this with all available File display types.
      6. Now ensure manual completion is set for the Page.
      7. Set access restrictions to the Choice that the Page must first be completed. Hide the condition completely (by clicking the eye.) Set completion for the Choice to manual.
      8. Set access restrictions to the File that the Choice must first be completed. Hide the condition completely (by clicking the eye.)
      9. Log in as Student 2. Click on the Page and verify you cannot move to the other items.
      10. Return to the main course page; manually mark the Page complete and verify  and you can now move to the Choice.
      11. Complete the choice manually and verify you can now move to the File and can navigate backwards and forwards between the three items.

      Stealth mode test:

      1. Now add a fourth item, Chat and click to hide it. Click again to make it available.
      2. As a student, click through the Page, Choice and File and verify that you are not given a named link  to navigate to the Chat.
      3. As the teacher, copy the chat link and paste it into a visible label.
      4. As a student, click on the Chat link in the label.
      5. Verify you can access the Chat but that there are now navigation arrows left or right on the Chat page.

      Explore with other activities and resources of your choice.

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