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CLONE - A teachers can get insights for their course




      We are interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Feel free to post your thoughts in https://moodle.org/course/view.php?id=17233

      Testing environment:
      It is recommended to the site University of Analytics to test this MDLQA because the setup required to make 'Students at risk of dropping out' generate insights involves a significant effort. However, if you are interested on using your own data set, please note:

      You need past courses and ongoing courses. Past courses will be used as training data and you will get predictions for ongoing courses. The 'Students at risk of dropping out' model has multiple checks and has the following requirements:

      • All courses must have students and significant activity between the course start and end dates
      • Courses used for training must be finished
      • Courses used to get predictions should have a past start date and a future end date as well as a teacher to receive the course insights

      The second part of the test, 'No teaching model'. requires you to have at least 2 courses with teachers and students and 2 courses with students but without teachers. These 4 courses should start tomorrow or later in the week.


      1. Log in as a manager and go to 'Analytics models' in the Site administration.
      2. For 'Students at risk of dropping out' select 'Get predictions' in the Actions column.
      3. Scroll down the page listing info and click the continue button.
      4. For 'Students at risk of dropping out' choose a course listed in the Insights column.
      5. Log in as a teacher in the chosen course.
      6. Verify that you have a notification about the new insight.
      7. View the notification and click the link.
      8. Verify that the link takes you to the insights page.
      9. Mark one of the predictions as 'Not useful' by selecting it in the Actions dropdown menu.
      10. Verify that the prediction marked as 'Not useful' is no longer listed.
      11. Go to the course main page and select More... from the gears menu.
      12. Click the Insights link under Reports and verify that you are again taken to the insights page.


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