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CLONE - Users can receive message notifications when offline


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      1. This test requires a site which sends emails. The QA testing site cannot be used for this test, as emails have been disabled.
      2. User name and course names should be very long to ensure the text wrapping can be tested.

      1. Log in as a user (user 1). Check that user 1's messaging settings are set so that "Personal messages between users" go to email while not online and to a popup window while online.
      2. Log user 1 out.
      3. Wait 5 minutes so that user 1 is considered to be offline (assuming the default setting in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Online users).
      4. Log in as another user (user 2).
      5. Send a message from user 2 to user 1.
      6. Verify that user 1 receives an email notification of the message.
      7. Login as user 1 and go to user menu > messages
      8. Ensure the page looks fine and Messages are properly wrapped in multiple lines.
      9. Click on Contacts tab, ensure the page looks fine and names are properly wrapped in multiple lines.

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