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CLONE - A teacher can set a quiz to be interactive with multiple tries


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    • Moodle 3.5
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      This test requires a quiz containing several questions.

      1. Login as a teacher, edit the settings for the quiz and set how questions behave to 'Interactive with multiple tries'.
      2. Under Review options, During the Attempt, tick the checkbox for Specific feedback.
      3. Edit a question and add hint 1 and hint 2 text.
      4. Login as a student and attempt the quiz.
      5. Check that after submitting a wrong answer, and reading the feedback, you have to click the 'Try again' button before you can try a new response.
      6. Check that once you have answered a question correctly, you can no longer change your response.
      7. Try repeatedly answering a question wrongly and check you are graded appropriately and get shown the feedback and can no longer change your answer.
      8. For the question with hints, check that hint 1 and hint 2 are shown after repeatedly answering the question wrongly.

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