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CLONE - A teacher can create new pages and delete empty pages from a quiz


      This test requires:
      A quiz with Layout/New Page set to: "Never, all questions on one page" and Layout/Navigation method set to "Sequential"

      Test Steps:
      1. Navigate to the quiz and click "Add>a new question".
      2. Create 10 questions of different types, numbered 1-10 for convenience.
      3. Click "Add>from question bank" and select questions 1-9 by ticking the checkbox and clicking "Add selected questions to the quiz". Verify that all of the questions are moved to a single page.
      4. Click the "add a page break" icon between questions 8 and 9 on the list and verify that question 9 moves onto a newly created page 2.
      5. Click the move icon to drag question 9 up to page 1 and verify that page 2 disappears.
      6. Preview the test and verify that no empty page is displayed.
      7. Return to the Edit quiz screen and click the "add a page break" icon between questions 2 and 3
      8. Click "Add>from question bank" (Last add link) and select question 10 to add to the quiz
      9. Verify that question 10 is added to the bottom of the page after question 9 and move it up to the bottom of page 1 (after question 2)
      10. Verify that page 2 starts with question 3 and ends with question 9
      11. Preview the quiz again and verify that it is on 2 pages, questions 1,2, and 10 on page 1 and questions 3-9 on page 2.
      12.Return to the Edit quiz screen and click the "Repaginate" button, choose "Repaginate with unlimited questions per page" and click "Go"
      13. Verify that all questions are now on one page
      14.Preview the quiz and verify the questions are all displayed on one page.
      15. Login as a student and attempt the quiz, verifying that no empty page is displayed.

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