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CLONE - A teacher can hide and reveal sections in a course


      This test requires a course in topics format with 3 sections.

      1. As a teacher, add a URL resource to topic 1 and a page and file resource to topic 2
      3. Hide topic 1 and then log in as a student and verify you cannot see the contents of topic 1
      4. As a teacher, reveal topic 1 and hide topic 2.
      5. As the student, verify you cannot see topic 2 (page and file) but you can now see topic 1 (URL)
      6. As a teacher, hide topic 3 while keeping topic 2 hidden as well
      7. As a student, verify you cannot see topic 2 or topic 3
      8. As a teacher, move topic 2 up so it becomes topic 1
      9. As the student, verify you can still not see the page and file resource.
      10. As a teacher, reveal all sections and add an extra section, topic 4
      11. As a student, verify you see file and page in topic 1, URL in topic 2 and that 3 and 4 are empty.

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