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CLONE - A teacher can hide and reveal activities in a course


      This test requires a course with three sections and for ease of operation, a teacher logged in to one browser and student logged into another.

      Test steps:
      1. As the teacher, add a URL resource to section 1 and a page and file resource to section 2. Leave section 3 empty.
      2. Hide the URL resource.
      3. Log in as the student and verify you cannot see the URL resource from section 1.
      4. As the teacher, reveal the URL resource and hide the page resource in topic 2.
      5. As the student, verify you can now see the URL resource but can no longer see the page resource.
      6. Move the hidden page resource to the empty topic 3
      7. As a student, verify that in topic 2 you still only see the file resource and that in topic 3 you do not see the page resource.
      8. As the teacher, reveal the page resource in section 3
      9. As the student, verify you now see the page resource in section 3.

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