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CLONE - A teacher can download, edit and upload an offline grading worksheet


      This test requires a course with at least 3 students enrolled and an assignment set up where online text, file submissions and feedback files have been set to "No" and feedback comments and offline grading worksheet have been set to "yes". The assignment must not have been graded or given feedback yet on Moodle.

      1. As a teacher, click on the assignment and navigate to "view all submissions"
      2.From the dropdown box, choose "Download grading worksheet" and save the file.
      3.Open the file in a program such as Excel and add grades and feedback comments. Save the file as a csv file.
      4.Navigate back to the assignment grading screen and click on "Upload grading worksheet"
      5. Upload the file.
      6. Verify that the screen "Confirm changes in grading worksheet" appears. Click Confirm.
      7. Verify that the grades and feedback have been recorded in Moodle's gradebook.

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