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CLONE - A user can display an Open Badges collection in their Moodle profile


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      Note(1) This test requires an account set up on openbadges.org and for the user to have obtained at least one badge (eg http://www.openbadges.org/earn/) and for this badge to be added to a collection and made public (http://backpack.openbadges.org/) (This should only take a matter of minutes.)
      Note (2) This test will not work on a localhost Moodle; it must be online to connect to openbadges.org.

      1. As admin verify that badges are enabled in Administration>Site administration>Advanced features.
      2. Under user menu (at the upper right), select 'My preferences'
      3. Click on "Backpack settings" under Badges
      4. Click on 'Sign in with your Email.'
      5. Add the email address used with openbadges.org and save the changes.
      6. Select the badge collection you wish to display
      7. Verify that in "My badges from other websites" you now see your badge from openbadges.org

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