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CLONE - An administrator can set assignment setting defaults


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      1. Log in as admin and navigate to Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Assignment>Assignment settings.
      2. Scroll down to Default assignment settings.
      3. Leave Blind marking as 'No', but check the Advanced box.
      4. Check the Default Use marking workflow and Use marking allocation boxes, and for both, check the Locked boxes. Save the changes.
      5. Log into a course as a teacher; turn on the editing and create an assignment.
      6. Verify that in the 'Grade' section, both marking worfklow and marking allocation say 'Yes" and have a padlock icon, showing they cannot be changed.
      7. Verify that in the 'Grade' section there is a link 'Show more' which, when clicked, displays the Blind marking option set as 'No'.
      8. Log back in as admin and navigate back to Site administration>Plugins>Activity modules>Assignment>Assigment settings>Default assignment settings.
      9. Uncheck the Advanced box for Blind marking; uncheck the Default boxes for marking workflow and marking allocation, and uncheck both Locked boxes.
      10. Choose one other setting and check its Advanced box. Choose a second setting and check its Locked box. Save the changes.
      11. Log into course as a teacher and create an assignment.
      12. Verify that Blind Marking, marking workflow and marking allocation appear in the settings with no padlocks.
      13. Verify that the setting you checked as Advanced appears on clicking the link 'Show more'.
      14. Verify that the setting you checked as Locked displays a padlock next to it.

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