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CLONE - A teacher can set restrictions based on user profile fields


      This test requires conditional access be enabled globally (via Advanced Features) and within a course via Course administration>Edit settings. It also requires a course with a teacher and test student enrolled (whose first name must NOT be ZXKYQW!)

      1)As a teacher, log in to a course and create a Page resource.
      2) Expand the Restrict Access section and click 'Add restriction'
      3) Click 'User profile'
      4) In Access Restrictions, select: student must match..
      5) Set 'User profile fields' to: First name is equal to ZXKYQW
      6) Log in as the test student and verify you cannot access the page.
      7) Log back in as teacher and click to edit the page.
      8) Change the Access Restrictions to: student must NOT match and save.
      9) Log back in as test student and verify you can now see the page.

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