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CLONE - A teacher can restrict course sections to specified groups using 'or' conditions


      This test requires

      1. Conditional access be enabled sitewide (via Advanced Features "Enable conditional access")
      2. It also requires a course with a teacher and three test students.

      1)As a teacher in a course, access Users>groups and create 3 groups - Red, Green and Blue.
      2) Add student 1 to the Red group; student 2 to the Green group and student 3 to the Blue group.
      3) With the editing turned on, access Section 2 of the course.
      4) Expand the 'Restrict Access' section and click 'Add Restriction'
      5) Click Group and select Red.
      6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 and select the Green group.
      7)Change Access restrictions to: student must match ANY and save.
      8) Log in as student 1 in the Red group and verify you are able to access the section.
      9) Log in as student 2 in the Green group and verify you are able to access the section.
      10 Log in as student 3 in the Blue group and verify you cannot access the section and see the restricted access message.

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