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CLONE - Logs may be stored in an external database



      1. Create a database other than your Moodle database.
      2. Create a table in the above database identical to the logstore_standard in your Moodle database.


      1. Log in as an admin and go to 'Manage log stores' in the Site administration.
      2. Enable External database log.
      3. Create a table in the above database identical to the logstore_standard_log in your Moodle database.
      4. Go to settings for the logstore.
      5. Enter your new database and table details and save.
      6. Click on "Test connection" and make sure you can successfully connect to the database table.
      7. Perform multiple actions that trigger events, such as creating/editing/deleting activities.
      8. For activity deletion, after deleting go to the recycle bin (either via the gear menu or the Administration block, depending upon the theme) and click 'Delete all'.
      9. Run cron php admin/cli/cron.php
      10. Go to 'Log report' in the Site administration.
      11. Select "External database" from the drop down for logstores and click on "Get these logs"
      12. Make sure you see a list of log entries related to the actions you performed earlier.

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