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CLONE - Per-discussion subscriptions are maintained after backup and restore


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      This test requires administrator access and five student accounts.
      1) Create a forum and in the Subscription and tracking section, select 'Optional' from the subscription mode.
      2) Create two discussions in this forum.
      3) As student1, subscribe to discussion 1 by clicking the icon (a dot or an envelope, depending on the theme) to the right of the discussion
      4) As student2,subscribe to discussion 2
      5) As student3,subscribe to the forum
      6) As student4,subscribe to the forum and unsubscribe from discussion 1
      7) As student5, subscribe to the forum and unsubscribe from discussion 2
      8) As admin, backup the forum including user data
      9) Restore the forum.
      10)For each of the users above, confirm that the subscription data was copied over correctly

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