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CLONE - YouTube and Flickr blocks on tag page display related content


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    • Moodle 3.5
    • Moodle 3.5
    • Blocks, Tags
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      • Enable the YouTube and Flickr block at Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks
      • Edit the YouTube block settings to add an API key for YouTube API


      1. Log in as admin or manager
      2. Navigate to Site administration > Appearance > Manage tags
      3. Navigate to the default tag collection
      4. Add "Moodle" as standard tag
      5. Click on newly created tag: Moodle
      6. Turn editing on and add a "YouTube" block
      7. Ensure that the block displays videos related to tag "Moodle"
      8. Add "Flickr" block
      9. Ensure that the block displays images related to tag "Moodle"

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