NOTE: You need to have

      1. Access to install solr server
      2. Admin access to Moodle test site.


      1. Follow the instructions in the section 'Installation' in the documentation Global search
      2. Log in as admin
      3. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Search > Manage global search
      4. Enable search should be disabled by default
      5. Open a new tab and go to your dashboard, press 'Customise this page' and add a global search block
      6. You should be able to add the block and you should see the following message inside it 'Global searching is not enabled.'
      7. Leave this tab open, return to Manage global search and "Enable global search"
      8. Return to your dashboard and verify that you now see a search form.
      9. Type something and press search
      10. Verify that you are redirected to search/index.php and you see 'No results'
      11. Verify that you also see filter by area and time.
      12. Close this tab and return to the previous one
      13. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Search > Solr and save changes (basically set host to localhost, port to the default 8983 and indexname to what you have in solr core)

      Indexing & searching

      1. Go to Site administration > Reports > Global search info
      2. Use tool_generator to generate a few courses with forums if your site doesn't have much data (we will need forum posts)
      3. Tick recreate index and save changes. I hope you don't have many many forum posts, as this will send them to the search engine, and may take a bit of time if you have thousands and thousands of posts. Take a break, you deserve it
      4. At some point this will finish and will show a 'Indexing finished' and the screen last run numbers will be updated
      5. Open your dashboard in a new tab and use the global search block to search for something you know that is included in a forum post
      6. Verify that you see the list of results including the search string
      7. Click all links in one of these results, and verify that they are valid results
      8. When you have more than 10 results you will see pagination links. Verify that these pagination links work
      9. Search for something else with a crazy query string like dfsghuasdguhisdfgui and verify that no results are returned
      10. Look at the query field help and try some search combinations

      Gradual reindexing

      1. Go to the Search areas page and for the forum posts search area click the 'Gradual reindex' button on that row.
      2. On the confirm page, click the Continue button.
      3. Verify that you see a progress bar (if you have a very large number of forums) or a summary of the number of contexts added to the indexing queue.
      4. Click the Continue button, then on the search areas page at the bottom, verify that you see an 'Additional indexing queue' heading and table.
      5. Verify that the heading shows the number of contexts you just set up for reindexing. The table should list up to 10 forums, with links. If there are more than 10, there will be an additional last row which only contains '...'.
      6. Go to a course page and find an existing activity that is searchable and won't take long to duplicate (e.g. a Page).
      7. Duplicate the activity.
      8. Run global search indexing again (e.g. from the scheduled tasks page).
      9. Look at the search areas page again.
      10. Depending on the number of forums, the time limit for indexing, etc., verify that the indexing queue has disappeared (as the queue is empty), or has fewer items on it, and/or shows some progress (indicated as a search area and date) against the first item.




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