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CLONE - A student can create their own plan and get a manager to approve them


      This test requires the tester to read the e-mails sent to users.


      1. Login as an manager
      2. Go to Site administration > Competencies > Competency frameworks
      3. Create two frameworks (F1, F2), each with 1 competency (C1, C2)
      4. Go to Dashboard ► Site administration ► Users ► Permissions ► Define roles
      5. Edit the role "Authenticated user" and Allow it to:
        • moodle/competency:planmanageowndraft
        • moodle/competency:planrequestreviewown


      1. Login as a student, go to your profile and follow 'Learning plans'
      2. Add a new learning plan named 'My plan'.
      3. Add both competencies C1 and C2 to the plan.
      4. Make sure the competencies are displayed in the plan
      5. Reorder the competencies, and confirm it worked.
      6. Delete the competency C2, and confirm it worked.
      7. Request a review of the plan
      8. In the comments, add "Please approve this plan." for the reviewer to see.
      9. Head back to your learning plans
      10. Confirm 'My plan' is displayed on your list of learning plans
      11. Edit the plan, to change its name to 'My great plan', add a description and due date.
      12. Confirm that the changes have taken effect
      13. Using the dropdown menu, cancel the request for a review, and confirm it worked.
      14. Send the plan for review again.
      15. Login as manager
      16. From your dashboard, follow 'My great plan' which is waiting for review.
      17. Click on 'Start review', now the status should be 'In review - [Name of the manager]'
      18. Leave the comment 'How are you?' for the student to see.
      19. Login as student and head to your plan
      20. Leave the comment 'I'm good, thank you!' on the plan.
      21. At this stage both users should have received an email
        • The student received an email stating 'How are you?', and a link to the plan
        • The manager received an email stating 'I'm good, thank you!', and a link to the plan
      22. Login as the manager, go back to the plan.
      23. Click on 'Finish review'
      24. The status should now read 'Draft'
      25. Click on 'Make active'
      26. The status should now read 'Active'
      27. Log back as the student
      28. Click on the link to go to your plan, it should be visible on your dashboard
      29. The comment left by the manager should be visible under 'Comments'
      30. Confirm that you can no longer edit the plan, nor add or remove competencies
      31. Go back to your learning plans, and add a new learning plan
      32. Delete the newly created plan and confirm that it is gone

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