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CLONE - Report logs show site log information


      1. Login as admin
      2. Visit your profile or another user profile and then click All logs.
        • Make sure a bar chart has been generated for the 24 hrs period.
        • Ensure data shown is as expected
      3. Go back to profile page and then click Today's logs.
        • Make sure the bar chart is generated.
        • Ensure data shown is as expected
      4. In a given course, go to Participants page and click on a user.
        • Make sure the chart is generated in the correct period.
        • Ensure data shown is as expected
      5. Edit your config.php and add the following line:
        • $CFG->preferlinegraphs = true;
      6. Visit both report pages and make sure the chart now is displayed on line type.
      7. Try to access report/log/graph.php directly on your browser, you should see an error message.
        This way of generating the chart is deprecated, refer to report_log_print_graph()

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