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      1. Login as administrator
      2. Navigate to Site administration -> Appearance -> User Tours
      3. Click on Tour repository
      4. Download one of the tours
      5. Navigate to Site administration -> Appearance -> User Tours
      6. Click on Import tour and upload the downloaded tour
      7. Add 'Ensure that the newly imported tour works as expected.'
      8. Click on the tour Export tour icon for the tour you just imported or some existing tour.
        1. Confirm that the tour was exported without error
      9. Pass the file through a JSON linter (e.g. http://jsonlint.com/)
      10. Import the tour back again
        1. Confirm that there are now two tours
      11. Compare the tours - there should be no differences. key points to check:
        1. Tour defaults are correct
        2. Tour filters are correct
        3. Step settings are correct
      12. Delete the original tour
      13. Ensure that the remaining (imported) user tour works as expected.

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