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CLONE - An admin can run individual scheduled tasks via the UI


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      1. Log in as an admin and go to the scheduled tasks page.
      2. Check that each scheduled task (apart from disabled ones) has a 'Run now' link.
      3. Click the 'Run now' link for a scheduled task.
      4. Check that the task is run, showing the same display as it would when it runs as part of normal cron.
      5. Try running a long-running scheduled task, such as 'Update all installed language packs' or 'Legacy cron processing for plugins'.
      6. Check that while the task runs, you see its output appear progressively (i.e. not all at once).
      7. Open a second browser so that you have two user sessions. Get both browsers in a position to run the same (long-running) scheduled task. Run the task very quickly from both browsers so that one is trying to start the task while the other is continuing it.
      8. Check that the task runs in the first browser and in the second you see the following debug information instead of the task output: "Unable to get task lock for [task class]."

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