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CLONE - A student can view their course progress from their dashboard course overview


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      Test prerequisites: This test needs an empty course with a teacher and student enrolled.

      1. As the teacher, ensure the course has a specific end date and that completion tracking is on.
      2. Add an assignment with a due date of tomorow and activity completion set as 'Submit to the assignment.'
      3. Access course completion and add the assignment.
      4. Log out and log in as the enrolled student.
      5. Access your dashboard and the Course overview.
      6. Verify that in the Timeline >Sort by dates you see the assignment listed with the date and a link to submit it.
      7. Verify that in the Timeline>Sort by courses you see the assignment in a course in the Next 7 days section, and a link to add submission.
      8. Click the courses tab and verify the course is present with a percentage icon showing 0
      9. Now do the assignment
      10. Return to your dashboard and verify that in the Timeline>Sort by dates the assignment is no longer visible.
      11. Verify that in the Timeline >Sort by courses the course is visible with the percentage as 100% and the message ‘No upcoming activities due’
      12. Click the courses tab and verify the course is 100% complete.

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