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CLONE - Published chat sessions display correctly in the course overview


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    • Moodle 3.5
    • Moodle 3.5
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      Test prerequisites: This test needs a course with a teacher and student enrolled.

      1. As the teacher, create the following chats and set Repeat/publish session times to No repeats: Publish at the specified time only.
        • Yesterday morning.
        • Yesterday 23:00.
        • Today 01:00.
        • Today 23:00.
        • Tomorrow 01:00.
        • Tomorrow 23:00.
      2. View the dashboard as a student.
      3. Confirm:
        • Chats from yesterday are not visible
        • Chats from today are both visible, and both have action links
        • Chats for tomorrow are both visible, but the action links are disabled

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