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CLONE - A user can authenticate with a Microsoft office account


      Test prerequisites:

      This test requires the tester to have access to a Microsoft account, for the test user.

      1. As admin, access Server > Oauth 2 services and click to create a new Microsoft service
      2. Follow the instructions in https://docs.moodle.org/dev/OAuth2_Services and in particular https://docs.moodle.org/dev/OAuth2_Services_Setup_Project_In_Microsoft to set up the Microsoft authentication. Do not connect a system account. Make sure "authpreventaccountcreation" is not ticked.
      3. Make sure that in Plugins>Manage authentication, OAuth2 is now enabled, and log out of the admin account
      4. Go to the log in page and you should see the option to log in using your account on Microsoft. Log in using your MS account.
      5. You should get a message saying you will be sent a confirmation message to connect you to the site
      6. Go to your Microsoft email, click the link in the confirmation message and verify you are now logged in to the site as a new account holder.
      7. Log back in as admin and access the Manage authentication screen and verify it now displays 1 new user in the OAuth2 line.

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