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CLONE - A user can send a message to the Data Protection Officer



    • Functional Test
    • Minor
    • Moodle 3.5
    • Moodle 3.5
    • Privacy, User
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      Test requirements:

      • A site with a Data Protection Officer (DPO) role set up as described in the documentation Data Protection Officer role. A user should be assigned the role of DPO in the system context.
      • The 'Contact Data Protection Office' checkbox to be ticked in 'Privacy settings' in the Site administration.

      You may use the QA testing site for this test, which has a DPO role already set up and a user assigned the role. The site also has the 'Contact Data Protection Office' checkbox ticked.

      1. Log in as an ordinary user and go to your profile page.
      2. Verify that it contains a Privacy section.
      3. Click the 'Contact Data Protection Officer' link.
      4. Click the Send button without entering a message and verify that the message is a required field.
      5. Enter a message then click Send.
      6. Log in as the DPO and verify that you have a data request general inquiry notification.
      7. Click the link to view the full notification and verify that the message is correct.
      8. Click the 'Data requests' link and verify that the message is listed.
      9. In the Actions menu, click to view the request.
      10. Verify that message is displayed in a modal window together with the user's name, email address, message date and status.


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