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CLONE - A teacher can set 'receive grade' as a completion condition for a lesson


      This test requires completion tracking to be enabled by an administrator in Site administration > Advanced features and in the course settings. It also requires a lesson containing at least one question. In the lesson settings, the grade should be set to something other than 'No grade' e.g. 100.

      1. Login as a teacher, access the lesson and edit the settings.
      2. Set the completion tracking to 'Show activity as complete when conditions are met'.
      3. Select 'Student must receive a grade to complete this activity'.
      4. Login as a student and attempt the lesson.
      5. Check that a tick is shown opposite the lesson on the course page.
      6. Login as the teacher again, access the course and check that the lesson is marked as complete for the student in Reports > Activity completion.

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