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CLONE - A teacher can add nested 'Or' conditions for accessing a resource




      1. As a teacher, log in to a course and create a new Assignment and a Forum.
      2. In both, set the completion tracking to 'Students can manually mark the activity as completed'.
      3. Create a new Page.
      4. Expand the Restrict Access section and click 'Add Restriction'
      5. Select 'Activity completion'
      6. From the dropdown pick your Assignment as the required item
      7. Click 'Add Restriction' again and pick 'Restriction set'
      8. Add two more restrictions within the set by using the 'Add Restrictions' button inside this grey box
      9. Set one to 'Activity Completion' and pick the Forum from the dropdown
      10. Set the other to 'Date' and set a date in the future
      11. Check the Access restrictions are set to 'Students must match ALL of the following' and save and return to course.
      12. Log in as a student and verify you see both conditions set on the Page
      13. Click the white Activity Completion box to the right of your Forum
      14. Check to see this requirement has disappeared from the conditions listed, but the Page is still unavailable
      15. Click the Activity Completion box to the right of your Assignment
      16. Confirm the Page is still unavailable
      17. Uncheck the completion box next to both activities
      18. Confirm these conditions reappear underneath the Page
      19. Log back in as a teacher and edit the top line under Restrict Access section to 'Students must match ANY ..' and save.
      20. Log back in as the student and verify you can now access the Page by clicking the Activity Completion box next to the Assignment.




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