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CLONE - A teacher can choose how a restricted activity is displayed.


      This test requires conditional access be enabled globally (via Advanced Features) and within a course via Course administration>Edit settings. It also requires a course with a teacher and test student enrolled.

      1)As a teacher, log in to a course and create a Page resource.
      2) Expand the Activity completion section and set 'Show activity as complete when conditions are met' and criterion to be 'Require view'.
      3) Save the page.
      4) Create a forum.
      5) Expand the Restrict Access section and click 'Add restriction'.
      6)Click 'Activity completion' and choose the Page resource, leaving the restriction at 'must match' Save the forum.
      7) Log in as a test student and verify the forum is unavailable with a restriction message relating to the page.
      8) Log back in as a teacher and click to edit the forum.
      9) Click the 'eye' icon to hide the forum completely and save again.
      10) Log in as a test student and verify the forum is not visible at all.

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