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CLONE - Per-discussion subscriptions in optional subscription mode are maintained when threads are moved


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      This test requires a course with two standard forums, Forum A and Forum B with optional subscription. Forum A contains two threads, thread 1 and thread 2. A teacher and student account are needed.

      1) Log in as the student and subscribe to thread 1 by clicking the envelope to the right. Do not subscribe to thread 2.

      2) Log in as the teacher and go to Forum A. Move both threads to forum B.
      3) Log back in as the student and access Forum B. Verify you are still subscribed to thread 1 but not subscribed to thread 2.
      4) Now subscribe to thread 2 and unsubscribe from thread 1.
      5) Log back in as the teacher and move both threads back to Forum A.
      6) Log back in as the student; access forum A and verify you are still subscribed to thread 2 and unsubscribed from thread 1.

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