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CLONE - Test indenting activities in the Main Menu block works as expected.


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      1. Log in as an admin.
      2. Ensure the site main menu block is on the front page.
      3. Add four activities to it (any will do but at least one label and one non-label)
      4. Add URL resource with "Display" (under Appearance category) set to "In pop-up"
      5. Indent two of them
      6. Confirm that it displays correctly
      7. Move them to the general section of the front page (click - you can't drag here)
      8. Check that the indenting is still displayed correctly.
      9. Change the indenting on one of them
      10. Move them both back to the block
      11. Check the indenting is still OK
      12. Follow Site administration > Pugins >Activity modules> URL and select "New window" option in "Available display options"
      13. Change URL resource "Display" option to "In new Window" and save
      14. Ensure page looks as expected and you can still drag the block.

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