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CLONE - A manager can manage tags used on the site


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      Test prerequisites:

      1. Log in as a user and edit your profile to add some interests
      2. Create a blog post with some tags
      3. Log in as another user and view the first user's profile or blog post
      4. Click on some of the tags and mark them as inappropriate


      1. Log in as a manager and go to Site administration > Appearance > Manage tags
      2. Check that flagged tags appear in red and the count of flags is displayed
      3. Add some tags, edit them, mark as official, reset flags, rename, etc.
      4. Try quick editing of the tag names
      5. Try renaming a tag with a name that already exists and make sure you are prevented from doing so
      6. Check that items in the table can be sorted by each of the column headings
      7. Try deleting tags one-by-one or by selecting them then clicking the 'Delete selected' button
      8. Try collapsing certain columns in the table

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