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CLONE - Grader report headers are visible with scrolling window


      1. Create a Medium size course (Activities 30, enrolled users 50)
      1. Navigate to Course administration > Grades and select "Grader report" if not selected.
      2. Move/scroll around the gradebook and confirm:
        • that you can always see the row header and columns
        • that the columns and grades line up with the correct user and activity
        • that floating headers appear at the 'correct' times:
          • The left headers should be visible all time time
          • The footer should always be available if it is present
          • The header should always be visible
          • The various left headers (Overall Average, Controls, and Range if enabled) are always visible
      3. Turn editing on
        • Reconfirm above works.
      4. Turn editing off
      5. Edit the preferences, and enable AJAX editing (Grade administration > Setup > Preferences: Grader report)
      6. Scroll into the middle of the course to ensure that all of the floating headers are visible and floating
      7. Click into a cell
        • Confirm that the cell is replaced with an input field
        • Confirm that the floating column header resized to fit the new width
      8. Inspect the input field and add some more height to the class - e.g.

        .gradeparent .text {
          height: 50px;

      9. Click into another field
        • Confirm that the input field is nice and large again
        • Confirm that the height of the floating username cell was updated too


      • Repeat test with RTL
      • Test on all supported browsers. Firefox, chrome, Edge, IE

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