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CLONE - A student can add images to a wiki


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      1. Log in as a teacher.
      2. Navigate to a course.
      3. Create a Wiki activity.
      4. In the Wiki settings ensure that the Force format setting is NOT checked.
      5. Save the settings and display the Wiki.
      6. Create the first page and add some content to it.
      7. Save the page.
      8. Click the Permissions link either in the gear menu or the Administration block (depending upon the theme).
      9. Locate the permission labelled Manage wiki files (mod/wiki:managefiles).
      10. Under Roles with permission, add Student.
      11. Log in as a student and browse to the wiki.
      12. Edit a page in HTML format and add an image using the add/edit image icon in the test editor.
      13. Save the page and check that the image display correctly.
      14. Click the Files tab and upload an image.
      15. Create a new page in Creole format and insert the image into the page.
      16. Preview the page then save it, each time checking that the image is displayed correctly.
      17. Create a new page in Nwiki format and insert the image into the page.
      18. Save the page and check that the image is displayed correctly.

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