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CLONE - Choose and define a marking guide


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    • Moodle 3.7
    • Moodle 3.7
    • Grading methods
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      Test Pre-requisites:

      • assignments created should be of the new assignment module type
      • maximum grading values should be a numeric value greater than 0
      • testing should be performed as a teacher user

      Test Steps:

      1. Add a new assignment activity - online text submission.
      2. Set the grading method for the assignment to 'Marking Guide'
      3. Save and Display the assignment activity.
      4. Select 'Define new grading form from scratch'
      5. Provide a name for the marking guide
      6. Try to Save as draft - Moodle should highlight the criterion in red and indicate they are required
      7. Fill in the criterion as required
      8. Add a second criterion, and fill it out as required
      9. Change the order of the criterion and Save as draft
      10. Click the Advanced Grading Link under Settings > Assignment administration, then click 'Edit the current form definition'
      11. Check that the criterion saved in the right order
      12. Add two Frequently used comments, and change their order then Save as draft
      13. Return to editing the marking guide
      14. Check that the Frequently used comments saved in the right order
      15. Toggle the Marking guide options and Save as draft
      16. Return to editing the marking guide
      17. Check that the Marking guide options saved correctly

      NOTE: Make sure that some of the grade descriptions, marker grade descriptions and frequently used comments have newline characters in them and they look fine when student/teacher view marking guide.

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