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CLONE - A user can add files from Flickr Public


      This test requires the Flickr Public repository to be enabled and a Flickr account for use in testing.

      1. Login as a student and go to a forum.
      2. Add a new discussion topic and click the Add button to add an attachment.
      3. Choose Flickr Public in the file picker.
      4. Search for any flickr file, use all of the search fields. Find a file.
      5. Select a file then click the 'Post to forum' button.
      6. Check that the Flickr file is displayed.

      Note: If you obtain 'Oauth 1.0 error' whilst testing, please try clicking the repository link or reloading the page a few times to make the Flickr authentication work. (It seems that the error is a Flickr issue - see MDL-59645 for details.)

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