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CLONE - User can manage their contacts


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      1. Select two users. user 1 and user 2. Make sure they are not already contacts.
      2. As user 1 go to the messages page and click on "Manage my contacts"
      3. Search for user 2. Click on the "add user" icon next to their name.
      4. Verify that you are returned to the messages page with the history of messages between user 1 and user 2 displayed and user 2 appears under "Contacts".
      5. Click on the "remove contact" link below user 2's name above the message history.
      6. Verify that user 2 is no longer a contact and the "remove contact" link has been replaced by a "add contact" link.
      7. Click the "add contact" link above the message history to re-add user 2 as a contact.
      8. Verify that user 2 appears in the Contacts list.

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