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CLONE - User can search their message history


      1. Log in (you are user 1) and send another user (user 2) a message containing a specific keyword ie "telephone". Send the message from the messages page (My profile -> Messages).
      2. Click on "manage contacts". Type your keyword into the search box and click "Search".
      3. Verify that your message is included in the search results.
      4. Click on the "context" link listed with the search result. Verify that you are taken to the message page with the full message history between user 1 and user 2 displayed scrolled so that the relevant message is on screen.
      5. Click on "manage contacts" and then search for the name of user 2 (the message recipient).
      6. Verify that user 2 is listed in the search results.
      7. Click the "add contact" icon (if they arent a contact) or the "remove contact" icon (if they are a contact) next to their name in the search results. If you have added a contact you should be returned to the messages page with the most recent messages between user 1 and user 2 displayed. If you have removed a contact you should be returned to the manage contacts page with your search results cleared.

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