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CLONE - Upgrading a Moodle site from 2.8 retains setting preferences


      This test requires a Moodle 2.8 site with server access to upgrade it.

      1. Log in as an administrator to the Moodle 2.8 site.
      2. Add a custom item to the user menu in the Theme settings in the Site administration.
      3. Change the 'Default home page for users' to 'User preference' in Navigation in the Site administration.
      4. Upgrade to the latest version.
      5. Check that the user menu has the same items as above in the first test as well as the custom item that you added.
      6. Check that 'Default home page for users' is still set to 'User preference'.

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          Mathew May
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        3. Moodle 3.7a (Boost).png
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        4. Moodle 3.7a (Classic).png
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