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CLONE - A manager can obtain prediction models insights




      Testing environment:

      1. Create at least 2 courses with teachers and students and 2 courses with students but without teachers. These 4 courses should start tomorrow or later in the week.


      1. Assign 'manager' role to 2 different users at system level and enable "Insights generated by prediction models" web notifications for them (Log in as those users > User menu in top right > Preferences > Notification Preferences)
      2. Go to 'Analytics settings' in 'Site administration > Analytics' and disable 'Analytics processes execution via command line only'.
      3. Log in as a manager user and go to 'Analytics models' in the Site administration.
      4. For 'No teaching' model, select 'Get predictions' in the Actions column.
      5. Scroll down the page listing info and click the continue button.
      6. For 'No teaching' choose "All predictions" in the Insights column.
      7. Verify that courses without teachers are listed.
      8. Mark one of the predictions as 'Not useful' by selecting it in the Actions dropdown menu.
      9. Log in as the other manager user.
      10. Verify that you have a notification of a new insight.
      11. Click on the notification then follow the link to the Insights page.
      12. Verify that you still see the prediction that was marked as 'Not useful' by the manager.
      13. Select 'View prediction details' in the Actions column for the first course listed.
      14. Verify that under 'Prediction details' the time predicted is shown as well as the indicators that led to that prediction
      15. Select Acknowledged in the Actions column.
      16. Verify that you end up on the page listing predictions for 'No teaching'.




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