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CLONE - Users can receive message notifications when offline



      1. This test requires a site which sends emails. The QA testing site cannot be used for this test, as emails have been disabled.
      2. User names and messages should be very long to ensure the text shortening (adding ellipsis) in the messaging interface can be tested.
      3. If the 2 users in this test are not enrolled in a course together, the messagingallusers setting must be enabled in by an admin user in Site administration before beginning the test.


      1. Log in as a user (user 1). Go to user menu -> messages and click the cog icon to open message Settings.
      2. Check that user 1's messaging settings are set so that "Anyone on the site" is set under privacy and "Email notifications" are enabled under Email.
      3. Log user 1 out.
      4. Wait 5 minutes so that user 1 is considered to be offline (assuming the default setting in Site administration -> Plugins -> Blocks -> Online users).
      5. Log in as another user (user 2).
      6. Send a long message from user 2 to user 1.
      7. Verify that user 1 receives an email notification of the message, which contains the full sender name in the subject and full message content in the body, and has been sent to the correct email address.
      8. Login as user 1 and go to user menu -> messages and open the conversation with user 2.
      9. Ensure the message appears in the conversation, is complete and looks correct.

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